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Home of Soros language, the universal number to text conversion language and NUMBERTEXT/MONEYTEXT development. Authors and contributors of this free software project. The NUMBERTEXT/MONEYTEXT functions originally developed for the generalization of the BAHTTEXT spreadsheet function, a function of Microsoft Excel for number to Thai number name and currency conversion, standardized by the ECMA–376 and ISO/IEC 29 500:2008 Office Open XML format. This development can help the upcoming OpenFormula to be top-compliant with the ECMA/ISO BAHTTEXT without degrading its high requirements for an international standard.

See the specification and the related OOo issue 103746.

The Soros programming language is a regex based programming language for number to text conversion and for other recursive conversions between self-similar character sequences.

The language has simple syntax and implementation (the interpreter in Python is only ~75 lines), and good performance also in script language implementations, thanks to the compiled regexes.

See Soros language specification.

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